An ombudsman is an advocate for residents’ rights. An ombudsman is responsible for investigating complaints made by, or on behalf of Nursing and Adult Care Home residents.  Ombudsmen can work with residents, family members, concerned citizens, facilities, as well as public and private agencies.  The goal of the Ombudsman Program is to enhance residents’ quality of care and quality of life.

An Ombudsman can:

  • Advocate for you when your legal rights have been violated or you are not receiving proper care or assistance.
  • Investigate concerns that you or your family may have about residents’ rights, services and benefits.
  • Mediate disputes that you or your family may have with the facility.
  • Provide information and assistance to you, your family members, and staff members in areas including: care planning, family and resident councils, resident transfer and discharge, long-term care placement.
  • Promote elder-abuse awareness within the community.
  • Monitor long-term care facilities to ensure that your rights are not being violated.
  • Educate the public on long-term care issues and promote increased community involvement in long-term care facilities.


For more information about this program contact an Ombudsman:

Angelia Pridgen
Lead Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman
252-638-3185 ext. 3007
Colby Smith
Regional Ombudsman
252-638-3185 ext. 3010


If you open this link, Rights of Residents, you will be provided with the condensed version of your loved one’s rights once he/she enters a long term care setting. Note that there are two separate bill of rights; one which is for nursing homes and one which is for adult care homes. Also by clicking this link, How to Choose a Long Term Care Facility, you will find guidance on how to choose the appropriate long term care setting for your loved one.

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